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Meet the Local Doulas

--Hannah Hemmelgarn


 A DONA trained in 2012, Hannah is an open minded and knowledgable herbalist and educator with diverse experience that lends to holistic support and nurturing of women’s strength and wisdom in the incredible processes of pregnancy, childbirth, post-partum in the Columbia area. Phone, Email: (573)864-7506 [email protected]


---Floating Lotus Doula Service

Jamie  Smith


Jamie is currently pursuing the path of an RN, then CNM. She has Healthcare experience, and has worked as a midwife's assistant. She has attended NONA'S birth doula training, and actively pursuing NONA certification. Currently she is offering doula service to the Columbia area.


[email protected]


---Summer Birth Services - Rolla/FLW/Waynesville/Houston/Jeff City/Columbia

Summer Thorp-Lancaster


Summer is a passionate advocate of many different things in this life, but her main calling is assisting families during the childbearing years. She feels that all families deserve the right to bring their children into this world in their own way, and seeks to help you achieve this goal by providing evidence-based information, comprehensive education, and unconditional support. Each family has different needs and wants that affect how, when, and where the birth will happen. Summer's role is to serve in a way that encourages both pregnant person and family to make the best decisions for them, and to support them in a professional, judgment-free manner.


[email protected]

---Mothers Embrace Birth Services -  Columbia Mo and surroundings areas within 60 miles 
Sabrina Bias
Doula/ Placenta Encapsulation Specialist

I am the mother of 8 and have supported more than 60 women in childbirth over the past 2.5 years.  I have a huge passion for empowering women through education and support to have the best birth possible.  I am experienced with VBAC, multiples and young mothers. 
I am also a Placenta Encapsulation Specialist.  I love to offer this service to women as it is wonderful for birth recovery.
Empowering women to birth their way!   
Please see my services page on my website for details.

---Chelsea Lopez Doula at Heart - Located in Fulton serving anyone delivering in/or around Jeff city, Columbia and Mexico.
Chelsea Lopez
Birth Doula
I received my doula training through NONA in April of 2015. My goal is to assist you with your birth goals. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

---April Rodeghero CPD
Doula.Baker.Trainer. And Placenta Remedies Specialist.
Postpartum Doula
April have been serving families in the postpartum period since 2011. She is a CAPPA certified postpartum doula.


Mid MO Birth Services - Serving Columbia, Jefferson City, the Lake, and surrounding areas
Birth Doula, Belly Casting, Private Babywearing and Cloth Diapering Consultations
Brittany Wilson


Victoria Apperson

I am a doula and midwife in the mid-Missouri area. I live closest to Jefferson City and Boonville. I am willing to serve women in any location if I am what they specifically need. I have 8+ years of experience with natural, joyful childbirth. I continue to learn with each birth I am invited to attend, and I love it!!! Please take a look at my website, motheringmatters.net, and please call to reach me fastest as I do not have internet access at home. My home number is (573)787-0161 or on my cell (651)263-7188

Caitlin Aschbrenner

I decided to wiggle my way into the birth world after witnessing my brother's delivery. It was amazing and beautiful, and I wanted to be a part of it. So I became a student midwife. Becoming a doula also seemed a natural step, both for the experience of seeing deliveries through a different perspective and also just being able to be in the birth world, which I love with a passion. Each birth I attend just cements it even more that this is where I belong. I am a DONA International trained birth doula.www.blessedinheritance.weebly.com [email protected] 573-384-5502

Tiffany Blackburn

My goal as a doula is to help every woman to make her birth a joyful and memorable occasion by providing emotional, physical and spiritual support and education to her and her partner in whatever birth setting they choose. Every woman deserves a doula no matter what, if any, expense she can pay. I have been attending births for 7 years and am currently training for my doula certification through CAPPA, (Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association) I am also a registered volunteer for Operation Special Delivery, a group of doulas that volunteers their services free to any mom who's partner is deployed due to military status during the time of her birth. http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Baby-Bumps-and-Baby-Business-Doula-services/268941583193175  (573) 826-0547

Rita Boveri-serving the Macon area

I have been a practicing doula for 8 years and just moved the Macon area in 2010. I have experience working with single moms and with moms with prior pregnancy losses. I would love to talk with you to discuss how working with a doula can enhance your birth experience. Contact me at (660)349-7401 or email me at [email protected] or check out my Facebook page.

Alyssa Fillmore

She started studying and training to be a doula in 2010. She just moved back to Missouri from Arizona where she had her first birth experiences. She has a passion to educate women about birth and how their bodies work during labor and birth; to empower women and help them have the best birth experience possible. Alyssa is married and has 2 daughters. She offers birth doula services as well as childbirth classes. You can reach her at 660-216-7484 or [email protected]

Elizebeth Kumm- serving Columbia, Sedalia, and Warrensburg
I believe that childbirth can be one of the most profoundly empowering experiences a woman can have. No matter if you've chosen a completely medical or natural route or end up with unplanned medical intervention, I will be right beside you the whole way. If you want just quiet support and a cheering section, I can do that. If you want hands-on support and a go-between with medical staff I can do that. If you just really want someone who can clue your partner into ways that they can support you better, I can do that too. I feel that my job as a doula is to make sure that you get the birth experience you desire while also ensuring your little one remains safe. Birth doesn't always go as planned or imagined but having a doula can help the unplanned go more smoothly and help you feel more in control of the situation. To learn more about me and my doula practice visit my website athttp://tinytoesdoulamo.webstarts.com/ or feel free to call me at (660)647-2843 or (660)221-3002.

Katy Miller

I first discovered my interest in becoming a doula after realizing how I might have benifitted from one during my own labor, birth and postpartum period. Since my first experience at my first doula training workshop, I've felt that work in childbirth was my vocation. I thoroughly trust the natural process of birth and believe that a "hands off" approach to childbirth care is the best way to ensure safe and healthy mothers and babies. I have training in doula work and prenatal massage and am working toward becoming a professional midwife. I have attended births in both the home and hospital setting. I have given birth at home twice and both of those were VBAC(vaginal birth after cesarean)s, of which I am a strong advocate. I am a certified labor doula and childbirth educator through CAPPA.  Read more about me on my website, http://www.birthstrong.com/, or contact me at my email,[email protected], or call (573)397-1159

Megan Oberg

I am a Hypnobabies instructor and labor doula. I believe that the mind plays an integral role during birth and can have a profound effect on the body. Support and comfort during birth allows the mind and body to function at their best. This harmony not only improves outcomes, but encourages a safe, beautiful, and calm birth for both mom and baby. I consider myself a birth advocate in that I believe that women would have a voice during their births and should be allowed to play an active role in their care. I thoroughly look forward to providing support to other women to ensure that one of the most important events in their life is also the most joyous.[email protected] http://www.mind-body-birth.com/

Mary Allison Summa

Mary Allison Summa has been trained and certified through DONA International. She has been a Doula for 4 years and has attended around 20 births. Mary is an excellent doula. She has found what she is made to do. And this is to 'be' who she is. To be a calm, peaceful, safe and loving person who is fully present at your birth. To protect and welcome life! She is patient, she is quiet, and she listens. Mary believes in the importance of mothers and their role in the redemption of society. She also believes in the mother/child bond and how this imprint on the human heart is one of the most critical elements of the human experience. Mary has supported women in home birth, hospital birth, and birth center birth. She has served the youngest mothers, and mothers considered "at risk" due simply to their number of years. She has served first time mothers, and 6th time mothers. She has served different ethnicities and belief systems. And, she loves to serve fathers too. Mary boasts nothing fancy in comparison with these lovely ladies she Doula's with, but if she is the 'fit' for your personal birth she does promise to serve you with her whole heart and spirit. And will do her finest of educating you for your desired birth. Her website is still pending, but you can call her at 660-263-4508 or email her at [email protected].


Surrounding Area Doulas

Jamie Bodily - St. Louis Metro and St. Charles
Birth and Postpartum Doula/Licensed Professional Counselor
I am an experienced Birth and Postpartum Doula. I also a Licensed Professional Counselor. I assist mothers preparing for a variety of birth experiences and seek to help all mothers have positive and inspiring experiences. I am trained in EMDR to assist with trauma care and support. During my internship, I worked under a psychologist who specializes in Postpartum Mood Disorders. I have continued to expand my education and skills in working with Postpartum Mood Disorders. I strive to help women transition to the role of motherhood in a form that increases their confidence and helps them to feel capable in their new role.
[email protected]


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