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Meet the Local Doulas

Jamie  Smith

I am currently pursuing the path of an RN, then CNM. I have Healthcare experience, and has worked as a midwife's assistant. She has attended NONA'S birth doula training, and actively pursuing NONA certification. Currently she is offering doula service to the Columbia area through her practice: Floating Lotus Doula Service

Chelsea Lopez
I received my doula training through NONA in April of 2015. My goal is to assist you with your birth goals. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Chelsea Lopez Doula at Heart is located in Fulton serving anyone delivering in/or around Jeff city, Columbia and Mexico.

Katy Miller

Since my first experience at my first doula training workshop, I've felt that work in childbirth was my vocation. I thoroughly trust the natural process of birth and believe that a "hands off" approach to childbirth care is the best way to ensure safe and healthy mothers and babies. I have training in doula work and prenatal massage and am working toward becoming a professional midwife. I have attended births in both the home and hospital setting. I have given birth at home twice and both of those were VBAC(vaginal birth after cesarean)s, of which I am a strong advocate. I am a certified labor doula and childbirth educator through CAPPA. 

Mary Allison Summa

Mary Allison Summa has been trained and certified through DONA International. She has been a Doula for 4 years and has attended around 20 births. Mary is an excellent doula. She has found what she is made to do. And this is to 'be' who she is. To be a calm, peaceful, safe and loving person who is fully present at your birth. To protect and welcome life! She is patient, she is quiet, and she listens. Mary believes in the importance of mothers and their role in the redemption of society. She also believes in the mother/child bond and how this imprint on the human heart is one of the most critical elements of the human experience. Mary has supported women in home birth, hospital birth, and birth center birth. She has served the youngest mothers, and mothers considered "at risk" due simply to their number of years. She has served first time mothers, and 6th time mothers. She has served different ethnicities and belief systems. And, she loves to serve fathers too. Mary boasts nothing fancy in comparison with these lovely ladies she Doula's with, but if she is the 'fit' for your personal birth she does promise to serve you with her whole heart and spirit. And will do her finest of educating you for your desired birth. 

Emily Cooke
Emily is a Certified Holistic Doula who completed her doula certification training with Whapio, of The Matrona, in spring of 2018. She brings in body wisdom, emotional space holding, herbal nourishment, earth centering and creative expression to prenatal, birth witnessing and postpartum care.


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