Mid-MO Doula Resource Group

Doulas serving the mid-Missouri area.

Our Goal
The mid-MO Doula Resource Group was founded in the summer of 2007.
As doulas, our goal has been simple, to make birth easier, safer, and more enjoyable for all families. We've joined together as a group to create a interwoven network of knowledgeable women who can work together to provide the community with important resources for expectant parents.
The mid-MO Doula Resource Group offers assistance in finding a compatible & available doula for your specific needs.  We are dedicated to making doula services available to every birthing woman so that families can have the best possible start physically, emotionally, and psychologically.  We firmly believe that a better birth is the start to a better family.
Women Helping Women
Women supporting other women through labor is an ageless tradition common to all cultures throughout history. Only recently, in the long story of humanity, has the chain of knowledge and reassurance passing between generations of birthing women been broken. Pregnant women today often find themselves without ties to female mentors whose experience can help them prepare for their own births.
Doula care is a reopening of this fountain of knowledge and support. The word doula is of Greek origin and translates into "woman's servant." Doulas aid families with evidenced based information, emotional and physical support to women to continue on this tradition of women helping women.


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